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Peter Tucker


My first show was in Seattle, Washington, where I met Marilyn and Andy Benedict of Maison des Maisons. The Benedicts invited me to be their featured guest at the Chicago International show in 1999. Since then, I have been a Chicago International regular.

A boost in the direction of modernism came from a client I met at the Seattle miniatures show Her father was an civil engineer with Frank Lloyd Wright and she was only interested in modern miniatures. Looking for someone to build her room structures, Annie Herzfeld approached me and I was pleased to take the task. Once I got involved with Annie, I became more involved with modern styles.I am still quite happy to accept commisions for pieces from other periods and my photo gallery includes examples of colonial, Shaker, Victorian, and whimsical pieces.

Most of my designs are original,but I can work from photographs, drawings or sketches to create what my customers want. I build fine custom roomboxes either complete with my furniture or unfurnished. Every room is different, with thoughtful touches that can include independently controlled lighting, and with a finished exterior that allows you to place the roombox on a table or shelf or bookcase. Perhaps you would like a room (or the entire house) like the one that you grew up in, something from the latest Architectural Digest - or from your favourite movie or book. I make the rooms, the furnishings and lighting - one stop shopping!

I grew up In Montreal and did my undergraduate studies at McGill, did graduate work In Calgary and later in Victoria. I worked as a psychologist in schools, before moving to the west coast of Canada. I worked as a policy analyst for the provincial government for a few years, then as a computer systems analyst, first for several consulting firms and eventually started my own small systems consulting company that I ran for over 15 years. Then I finally got smart, and with the solid support of my wife Jeremie, switched to making miniatures full time in 1998.

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